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Presentations from the 2009 NOHC

Saturday, April 18
  • Using Web-based Data Resources to Create Data-Oriented Documents (DRC workshop) - PDF
    • Julia Wacloff, RDH, MPH, Centers for Disease Control - PDF
    • Jay Balzer, DMD, MPH, CSHCN Coordinator - PDF
Sunday, April 19

Medicaid Symposium:

  • Innovative Cost Oversight Strategies in Medicaid and SCHIP Dental Program Administration - PDF
    • Allen Finkelstein, DDS, Americhoice/United Health Group
  • AAPD HeadStart Dental Home Project - PDF
    • Jim Crall, DDS, ScD, UCLA
    • Jan Silverman, MS, MSW, LCSW, American Association for Pediatric Dentistry
  • State Medicaid Program Updates
    • Janelle  Garrison, RN, BSN, Kansas Health Policy Authority - PDF
    • Kristi Jacobo, Oregon Department of Human Services - PDF

AACDP Annual Seminar:

  • ADA Access to Care Summit - PDF
    • Steven P Geiermann, DDS, American Dental Association
    • Lindsey A Robinson, DDS, American Dental Association
    • Lawrence Hill, DDS, MPH, CincySmiles Foundation
  • Building Capacity to End the Problem of Oral Health Access to Care - PDF
    • Greg Nycz, Marshfield Family Health Center
  • Community-Based Services with Strong Links to Schools - PDF
    • Marie Rodgers, Hutt Valley District Health Board
  • Update on National, Regional and Local Efforts for Head Start Dental Compliance - PDF
    • Kathy Geurink, RDH, MA, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
  • Oral Health Workforce and the Access to Care Crisis: IOM Workshop Highlights - PDF
    • Tracy Harris, DPM, MPH, Institute of Medicine
Monday, April 20

AM Sessions
  • Opening Ceremony and Welcome - Updating the Surgeon General's Report: Report from the National Summit on Children's Oral Health - PDF , PDF
    • Wendy Mouradian, MD, MS, University of Washington School of Dentistry
  • Opening Plenary - Maryland's Dental Action Committee:  The Quintessential Partnership - PDF
    • Laurie Norris, JD, Attorney
    • Harry Goodman, DDS, MPH, Director Office of Oral Health
  • National Progress to Increase the Oral Health Workforce Diversity, Capacity and Flexibility
    • Arlene  M Lester, DDS, MPH, Office of Minority Health, Office of the Secretary - HHS IV - PDF
    • Paul Glassman, DDS, MA, MBA, University of the Pacific - PDF
    • Bob Russell, DDS, MPH, Iowa Department of Public Health - PDF , PDF
  • Integrated Provider Partnerships - PDF
    • Allen Finkelstein, DDS, Americhoice/United Health Group
  • State Surveillance and NOHSS Part I:  The Basic Screening Survey 9 Years Later - PDF
    • Amy E Brock Martin, DrPH, SC Rural Health Research Center Dept of Health Policy Services & Management - PDF
    • Elizabeth C Lense, DDS, MSHA, DRH Division of Public Health
    • Ardell Wilson, DDS, MPH, Connecticut Department of Public Health - PDF
PM Sessions
  • Using Evidence to Promote School-Based Sealant Programs
  • Power of Partnerships: Effective Strategies to Implement Give Kids a Smile Programs
  • Contributed Papers - Dental Coverage and Access to Care - Opportunities for Policy Changes and Oral Health Improvement
    • Meg M Booth, MPH, Children's Dental Health Project - PDF
    • Donald L Chi, DDS, The University of Iowa
    • Christopher Okunseri,   BDS, MSc, FFDRCSI, Marquette University School of Dentistry - PDF
    • Matthew N Warren, MA, American Dental Association - PDF
    • Leonard J Finocchio, DrPH, California HealthCare Foundation - PDF
Tuesday, April 21

AM Sessions
  • ABDPH Plenary: Social and Personal Responsibility for Improving Oral Health:  Is This Polarity the Paradigm for Progress? - PDF
    • Jane A Weintraub, DDS, MPH, University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry
  • A New Paradigm for Dental School Education: The Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health
    • Wayne Cottam , DMD, MS, AT Still University Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health
    • Kneka Smith, MPH, AT Still University Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health
  • Horowitz Memorial Symposium: New Frontiers on Fluoride and Enamel Fluorosis Surveillance
    • Ernest Newbrun, Professor Emeritus, UCSF School of Dentistry - PDF
    • Woosung Sohn, DDS, PhD, DrPH, University of Michigan School of Dentistry - PDF
  • Promoting the Family Perspective in Programs that Serve Individuals with Special Health Care Needs:  Opportunities for Partnership with Family Voices - PDF
    • Jay Balzer, DMD, MPH, Association for State and Territorial Dental Directors
    • Becky Adelmann, BS, Family Voices of Oregon
    • Betsy Anderson, Family Voices at The Federation for Children
PM Sessions
  • Public Health Law:  Advancing Oral Health Through Policy and Legislation
    • Rick Goodman, MD, JD, MPH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - PDF
    • Bill Bailey, DDS, MPH, NCCDPHP/Division of Oral Health - PDF
    • Marcy Frosh, JD, Children's Dental Health Program - PDF
  • Collaborating for Oral Health
    • Ralph Fuccillo, Oral Health Foundation - PDF
    • Richard Meckstroth, DDS, West Virginia University School of Dental Health - PDF
    • Sarah Wovcha, JD, MPH, Children's Dental Services - PDF
  • Contributed Papers - Dental Workforce - State Roles in Assessment and Policy Development
    • Linda M Kaste, DDS, MS, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
    • Kim Kimminau, PhD, University of Kansas Medical Center
    • Marilyn Loen, PhD, RN, Metropolitan State University and Normandale Community College
    • Raymond A Kuthy, DDS, MPH, University of Iowa
    • Sangeeta Wadhawan, BDS, MPH, IFLOSS Coalition - Illinois - PDF
Wednesday, April 22

AM Sessions
  • Plenary Session - Investment in Infrastructure:  What do we know about whether and how infrastructure development facilitates progress on oral health outcomes - PDF
    • S Rene Lavinghouze, MA, CDC/DOH
    • Judith M Ottoson, EdD, Consultant
    • Ray Maietta, PhD, Research Talk, Inc
  • The Virtual Dental Home
  • Water Fluoridation Debating
    • Myron Allukian, Jr., DDS, MPH - PDF
    • Jeff Album, MA, BA, Delta Dental - PDF
    • Howard Pollick, BDS, MPH, University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry - PDF
  • Community-Based Interventions for Prevention and Early Detection of Oral Cancer: The Illinois Model
    • Charles W LeHew, PhD, Institute for Health Research and Policy - PDF
    • Sandra J Maurizio, PhD, RDH, ASA School of Allied Health - PDF
PM Sessions
  • Building State and Local Dental Public Health Infrastructure:  Voices from the Field on Achievements and Challenges - PDF
    • Lynn Douglas  Mouden, DDS, MPH, Arkansas Department of Health
    • Christine Veschusio, RDH, MA, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control - PDF
    • Mary Ellen Yankosky, RDH, BS, Boston Public Health Commission - PDF
  • Moving from Partnerships to Integration:  A Paradigm Change for Growing Oral Health Programs
    • Lorrie J Graaf, RN, National Association of Chronic Disease Disorders - PDF
    • Diane Brunson, RDH, MPH, University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine - PDF
    • Reginald Louie, DDS, MPH, Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors - PDF
  • Contributed Papers - Advancing Dental Public Health - Lessons Learned from Demonstration Projects
    • Mahyar Mofidi, DMD, PhD, Health Resources and Services Administration - PDF
    • Janet Bozzone, DMD, MPH, Open Door Family Medical Center - PDF
    • Martin Tickle, BDS, MSc, FDS RCS, DDPH, DPH RCS, PhD, University of Manchester School of Dentistry
    • Robyn L. Olson, BS, MPA, PhD, Delta Dental of MA - PDF
    • Iain A Pretty, BDS, MSc, PhD, MPH, University of Manchester School of Dentistry - PDF

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