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Presentations from the 2012 NOHC

Saturday, April 28
ASTDD Workshop I – Moving from Oral Health Policy to Practice
  • Sustaining Stakeholder Engagement And The Importance Of Tracking Implementation
  • The Role Of The State Oral Health Program In Policy Implementation And Stakeholder Advocacy - "from Oral Health Policy To Practice"
    • Harry Goodman - PDF
  • Educating Oral Health Champiions Through The Policy Tool Process
    • Kimberlie Yineman - PDF
  • Nohc Pre-conference Session - "oral Health Policy To Practice"
    • Marcy Frosh And Colin Reusch - PDF
Sunday, April 29
AACDP Annual Symposium
Oral Health in Wisconsin: Community based efforts impact statewide success
  • Community Oral Health Programs In Wisconsin: Making Milwaukee Smile
Health Care Reform and Oral Health:
What's New? - The US Public Health Service (USPHS) and CDC Perspective
  • Hrsa Oral Health Activities: What’s New
  • Update On Federal Activities
    • William Bailey - PDF
Oral Health Care for the Aging Population - A Statewide Initiative Targeting High Risk Seniors
  • Oral Health Care For The Aging Population Statewide Initiatives Targeting High-risk Seniors
Medical-Dental Collaboration to Address Avoidable Emergency Room Utilization for Dental Infections
  • Dental Er Visits: Evidence Off A Failed System
    • Shelly Gehshan - PDF
  • Monitoring Emergency Department Use For Dental Problems
    • Laurie Barker - PDF
  • Avoidable Emergency Room Visits: A Local Experience
Dental Therapists Initiatives, Access and Changing State Practice Acts - The ADHA Perspective: An Update
  • Filling The Gap: A Statewide Plan To Address The Dental Workforce Shortage In Kansas
    • Cathy Harding - PDF
  • The Dental Therapist Project: Expanding Care To Every Community
  • Dental Therapist Initiatives, Access, And Changing State Practice Acts The Adha Perspective: An Update
  • Advanced Dental Therapy In Minnesota: An Employer's Perspective
  • Alaska Dhat Program
    • Stephanie Woods - PDF
Monday, April 30
After the Institute of Medicine Report, What Comes Next?
  • Improving Access To Oral Health Care For Vulnerable And Underserved Populations
  • The 2011 Iom Reports On Oral Health: Implications For Delivery Systems
    • Paul Glassman - PDF
  • The 2011 Iom Report: Improving Access To Oral Healthcare For Vulnerable And Underserved Populations – Implications For Dental Education
    • Caswell Evans - PDF
Successful Private/Public Collaborations to Improve the Public's Oral Health
  • We're Not Getting Any Younger - Increasing Oral Health Awareness And Access For Elderly And Special Populations
    • Michael Helgeson - PDF
Tuesday, May 1
American Board of Public Health Symposium: Oral Health Disparities in Emerging Older Adults
  • Oral Health Disparities In Emerging Elders: An Emerging Public Health Priority!
  • Coalitions And Collaborations In Oral Health Care For The Aging
    • Elizabeth Ghezzi - PDF
  • Oral Health Of Our Aging Population: Policy Opportunities
Milwaukee Smart Smiles: Connecting National and Regional Resources to End Oral Health Disparities
  • Empowering School Nurses To Change Oral Health Perceptions
    • Martha Bergren - PDF
  • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Dental Clinic
  • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: Dental Care That Changes Lives
    • Amanda Ciatti - PDF
Oral Health Workforce: New Professional Partners to Extend Access to Care and Preventive Services
  • New Partners In Oral Health Access And Prevention
    • Caswell Evans, Tracy Garland, Anita Glicken, Judith Haber - PDF
Collaborative Models for School-based Prevention Programs
  • Kids In Need Of Dentistry: Kind
    • Julie Collett - PDF
Tuesday Morning Oral Presentations
  • The Relationship Between Patients' Oral Health Literacy And Failed Appointments
    • Jennifer S. Holtzman, Melanie W. Gironda, Kathryn A. Atchison - PDF
  • A Sustainable Model For Preventive Services In Schools
  • Eruption Of Deciduous Teeth In American Indian Children: A Historical Comparison
    • Katherine W. O. Kramer, Deborah V. Dawson, John J. Warren, Kathy Phipps, Delores E. Starr, Teresa A. Marshall, David R. Drake - PDF
  • Long-term Outcomes Of A Dental Post-baccalaureate Program
    • Cynthia D. Wides, Harvey Brody, Charles J. Alexander, Stuart A. Gansky, Elizabeth Mertz - PDF
Building and Strengthening Oral Health Program Infrastructure – The Road to Sustainability
  • Building And Strengthening Oral Health Program Infrastructure: The Road To Sustainability
    • Kisha-ann Williams And Cassandra Martin Frazier - PDF
How Dental Therapists (Alternative Dental Providers) can Improve Population Health
  • Understanding Underserved Populations' Barriers To Treatment And Preventive Oral Health Care: How Dental Therapists (alternative Dental Providers) Can Improve Population Health
    • Frank Catalanotto - PDF
  • A Review Of The Global Literature On Dental Therapists: In The Context Of The Movement To Add Dental Therapists To The Oral Health Workforce In The United States
Tuesday Afternoon Oral Presentations
  • Factors Associated With Receiving Treatment For Dental Decay For Medicaid-enrolled Children Under 12
    • Leah Zilversmit, Debra Kane, Roger Rochat, Tracy Rodgers, Bob Russell - PDF
  • Emergency Department Use For Dental Conditions: National Trends Over 10 Years
    • Astha Singhal, Peter Damiano - PDF
  • Dental Procedures Received By Children Enrolled In Wisconsin Delta Dental And Medicaid Programs
    • P. Bhagavatula, Q. Xiang, A. Szabo, F. Eichmiller, R.a. Kuthy, C. Okunseri - PDF
  • A Comparison Of Disparities In Access To Preventive Dental Care Among Children With Special Health Care Needs In The United States
    • Myra Rosen-reynoso - PDF
  • Hospital Emergency Department Characteristics Associated With Nontraumatic Dental Condition Visits In The United States: A National Perspective
    • Christopher Okunseri, Elaye Okunseri, Qun Xiang - PDF
Wednesday, May 2
Improving Perinatal and Early Childhood Oral Health through Partnerships with MCH Programs
  • Strategic Framework For Improving Perinatal Oral Health
Wednesday Oral Presentations
  • Demonstration Of Dental Rounds Model In Public Health
    • Dr. Christopher Dix, Dr. Christopher Okunseri, Savannah Smolinski, Joon-jae Park, Adam Pasano, Bradley Wurm - PDF
  • Impact Of Cuts To Adult Medicaid Dental Benefits On The Oral Health Workforce In California
    • Cynthia Wides, Sonia Rab-alam, Carrie Tsai, Elizabeth Mertz - PDF
  • A Methodology For Evaluating The Impact Of Dental Therapists And Advanced Dental Therapists In Minnesota
    • Leslie Nordgren - PDF
  • Adherence Of Primary Care Medical Providers To Oral Health Screening And Referral Guidelines
    • Kelly Close, Larry Myers, Mark Casey, Rocio Quinonez, Jacqueline Hom, Gary Rozier - PDF
  • Alternative Practice Patterns Of Dental Hygienists
    • Beth Mertz, Cynthia Wides, Joanne Spetz - PDF
Integrating Oral Health into Primary Medical Care
  • When Two Becomes One: Models Of The Collaboration & Integration Of Primary Care And Oral Health
  • Use Of A Risk Assessment Tool In Primary Care: Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks?
    • Suzanne Boulter - PDF
  • Integrating Oral Health Into Primary Care
    • Tracy Garland - PDF
2011 IOM Reports: Implications for Measuring and Improving Quality in the Oral Health Care Delivery System
  • The 2011 Iom Reports On Oral Health: Implications For Delivery Systems
    • Paul Glassman - PDF
New and Proven Products and Technology that Aid Oral Health Assessment and Interventions
  • Highlighting Preventive & Diagnostic Products
  • New Cavity Prevention Alternatives
When Abstinence is Evidence-Based The Case Against Prophylactic Third Molar Extractions
  • When Abstinence Is Evidence-based: The Case Against Prophylactic Third Molar Extractions
Fluoridation Communication Strategies and Tools
  • Five Lessons: Advocating For Water Fluoridation
The Role of Social Determinants for Oral Health in Implementing Healthy People 2020 Oral Health Objectives
  • Healthy People 2020 Social Determinants Of Health
    • Gina Thornton-evans - PDF
  • Dental Literature And Evidence On Social Determinants Of Oral Health
  • Role Of Social Determinants Of Oral Health In Implementing Healthy People 2020 Oral Health Objectives: State Challenges And Opportunities
    • Kathleen Mangskau - PDF
Community-based Interventions and Partnerships Related to Reducing Global Oral Health Inequalities
  • Reducing Global Oral Health Inequalities – A Call To Action
    • David Williams - PDF
  • Reducing Global Oral Health Inequalities
    • Jane Weintraub - PDF
  • Social Determinants Of Health Disparities And Intersectoral Partnerships: Understanding The Importance Of Rivers And Bridges
    • Robert Weyant - PDF

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