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Presentations from the 2013 NOHC

Saturday, April 20
Speaking Up Effectively About Water Fluoridation: A Speaker’s Training Workshop for Advocates and Spokesperson
  • Working With The Media: Maximize Your Message Impact
    • Leslee Williams - PDF
  • Defeating The Doubt Virus: Effective Advocacy For Water Fluoridation
    • Matt Jacob And William Smith - PDF
  • Community Water Fluoridation Resources
Tips, Tricks and Resources to Diversify and Increase Funding
  • Telling Your Story: What, Where, Why, Wow, & To Whom
  • Turning Passion Into Performance: Creating Excitement Among Current And Potential Investors
AACDP Session: Nuts and Bolts: Oral Health Literacy
  • Nuts & Bolts: (why) Oral Healt Literacy
    • Alice Horowitz - PDF
  • Nuts And Bolts: Oral Health Literacy
Sunday, April 21
Objectives, Indicators, Measures and Metrics
  • Dental Quality Alliance Measures
    • Krishna Aravamudhan - PDF
  • Objectives, Indicators, Measures And Metrics
    payers Involvement With Quality Measurement & Improvement
  • Dqa Pediatric Oral Health Performance Measure Set: Overview Of Measures And Validation Process
    • Jill Boylson Herndon - PDF
  • Hrsa Oral Health Measures
    • Reneé Joskow - PDF
  • Objectives, Indicators, Measures And Metrics
    • Laurie Barker - PDF
Monday, April 22
Opening Plenary – What’s on the Federal Horizon?
  • Saving Lives. Protecting People. Saving Money Through Prevention.
    • William Bailey - PDF
  • What’s On The Federal Horizon? Updates From Cms
    • Lynn Douglas Mouden - PDF
  • Hrsa Oral Health – A View From The Horizon
    • Reneé Joskow - PDF
Afternoon Plenary – Investments in Innovation
  • Investments In Innovation
    • Martha Somerman - PDF
Tuesday, April 23
Using the Tools of Quality and Accountability to Improve Oral Health
  • Collective Impact Toward Quality Improvement In Oral Health
    • Ralph Fuccillo - PDF
Sports Dentistry for Everyone: Education, Policy, Implications and Importance to the Population
  • Essential Aspects Of Sports Dentistry
    • Stephen Mills And Mark Roettger - PDF
A.M. Oral Presentations
  • Dental Therapists And Irreversible Restorative Procedures: A Comprehensive Review Of The Evidence On Technical Competence And Quality Of Care
    • Elizabeth Phillips, H. Luke Shaefer - PDF
  • Engaging Youth In Dental Careers - Let The Tooth Be Told
    • Suzette Naylor - PDF
  • Systematic Screening And Assessment Of 25 Oral Health Workforce Innovations
  • Implementing The Ready-to-use Aaphd Dental Public Health (dph) Curriculum For Pre-doctoral Dental And Dental Hygiene Students
    • Kathryn Atchison, Ana Karina Mascarenhas, Vinodh Bhoopathi, Mike Manz - PDF
The Silver Tsunami: Issues and Solutions for Improving Older Adults’ Oral Health
  • Oral Health America’s Wisdom Tooth Project®
  • Medicaid-chip State Dental Association
  • Impact Of Aging: Oral Health
    • Lillian Mitchell - PDF
Trends of Improved Oral Health of American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start Children
  • Ihs And Head Start Prevention Initiatives
    • Bonnie Bruerd - PDF
  • Oral Health Of Ai/an Preschool Children
  • An Introduction To The Head Start National Center On Health
    • Kimberly Stice - PDF
Health Care Reform: Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Dental Coverage And Health Reform: Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Health Care Reform: Where Has California Been, Where Is California Going?
    • Eileen Espejo - PDF
  • Health Care Reform: Where Do We Go From Here?
Innovative and Sustainable Business Models to Provide Oral Health Care for Underserved Patients
  • Hps Health Promotion Specialists
  • Ftc Intervention In Louisiana Dental Battle
  • “innovative And Sustainable Business Models To Provide Oral Health Care For Underserved Patients
    • Frank Catalanotto – Moderator - PDF
P.M. Oral Presentations
  • Developing A Patient-centered Dental Home For Residents Of Long Term Care Facilities
    • Dr. Bonnie Branson, Dr. Becky Smith - PDF
  • Changes In Caries In Primary Dentition From 1988-1994 To 1999-2004 Among U.s. Children Aged 2-5 Years: A Closer Look
    • Laurie Barker Presenting For Mei Lin - PDF
  • Use Of Dental Services By Children Enrolled In Wisconsin Medicaid Program
    • P. Bhagavatula, Q. Xiang, A. Szabo, C. Okunseri - PDF
  • Calories, Caries & Culture: The Relationship Of Body Mass Index And Oral Health Status In 3rd Grade School Children
    • Jon Roesler, David Simmons, Bilquis Khan, Merry Jo Theole, Barbara Hann , Anna Gaichas, Ayo Adeniyi - PDF
Wednesday, April 24
Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Indentify Challenges in Access to Dental Care
  • Using Geographic Information Systems (gis) To Identify Challenges In Access To Dental Care
    • Angie Sechler - PDF
National Center on Health, Oral Health Project
  • Head Start National Center On Health Oral Health Project
    • Kimberly Stice - PDF
Integrating the Leading Oral Health Indicator into a State Chronic Disease Plan: One State’s Journey
  • Integrating The Leading Oral Health Indicator Into A State Chronic Disease Plan In The Land Of 10,000 Lakes
    • Jane Korn And Merry Jo Thoele - PDF
An Entrepreneurial Approach to Growing State and Local Dental Programs
  • An Entrepreneurial Approach To Growing State And Local Dental Programs
    • Jason Roush And Kim Tieman - PDF
Oral Presentations
  • The Burden Of Dental Problems On Ohio's Emergency Departments
    • Amber Detty, Julia Kranenburg - PDF
  • Brush: A Literacy-based Oral Education Curriculum For Preschools Serving Low-income Populations, Designed To Reduce Pediatric Dental Decay And Improve School Readiness
    • Holli Seabury - PDF
Advances in Oral Health Surveillance
  • Advances In Oral Health Surveillance: Cdc's Periodontitis Surveillance Project
    • Gina Thornton-evans - PDF
  • Tobacco Screening And Counseling Among Us Dental Professionals, 2010-2011
    • Gina Thornton-evans – Tobacco Screening - PDF
  • Surveillance Of Cancers Of The Oral Cavity & Pharynx And Role Of Human Papillomavirus (hpv) In Cancers Of The Oropharynx
    • Stuart Lockwood - PDF
Promoting Collaborative Care: The Oral Health Care During Pregnancy National Consensus Statement
  • Building Partnerships To Advance The Oral Health Of Pregnant Women
  • Medicaid-chip State Dental Association: Financing Oral Health Care For Pregnant Women
  • Promoting Collaborative Care During Pregnancy
    • Renee Samelson - PDF
Strengthening the Dental Safety Net through Community Coordination: Use of the CDHC
  • Strengthening The Dental Safety Net Through Community Coordination: Use Of The Cdhc
    • Dunn Cumby Marsha Beatty And Melissa Tyler - PDF
Defending Community Water Fluoridation: Insights and Tools to Help Locate Advocates
  • Turning Lemons Into Lemonade
  • Bozeman Water Fluoridation Campaign 2012
    • Jane Gillette - PDF
Imagining a Caries-Free Generation: Implementing Caries Management by Risk Assessment
  • Imagining A Caries-free Generation Implementing Cambra
    • Margherita Fontana Michael Monopoli And Douglas Young - PDF
Understanding the Prospective Payment System
  • Understanding The Fqhc Prospective Payment System
    • Mary Foley-understanding The Prospective Payment System - PDF
  • Understanding The Prospective Payment System: The Cms Perspective
  • Payment For Health Center Dental Services Under Medicaid - Law, Policy And Pitfalls
  • Pps: The Prospective Payment System: What We Think We Know About It!
    • Lynn Mouden Ted Waters Mary Foley And Mark Doherty - PDF

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