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Presentations from the 2015 NOHC

Tuesday, April 28
Evidence-Based Strategies for Improving Older Adult Oral Health
Fluoride: Policy to Practice in a Changing Environment
Fostering Coordination with Chronic Disease Programs
Accuracy versus Advocacy: Pros and Cons of Online Strategies for Fluoridation
Innovations in Integrated Service Delivery for Pre-School Age Children: Improving Performance in Safety Net Clinics
Social Media Matters: Making Oral Health Part of the Conversation
Wednesday, April 29
Breakthrough Strategies for Preventing Early Childhood Caries
Arresting Caries in Children and Adults: Breaking News
Fluoridation Wins and Losses: Lessons Learned from the Pew Children's Dental Campaign
ROHC TEAMS: How DentaQuest Foundation and Regional Oral Health Convening Teams are moving the Oral Health 2020 Plans Forward
State Oral Health Program Workforce Capacity Development
Wednesday Oral Presentations

         Oral Presentations #1 - 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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