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Presentations from the 2017 NOHC

Sunday, April 23
Conducting a Successful Older Adult Survey
Oral Health Advocacy at the Local, State and National Level: What to Expect and How to Succeed
Leadership Development: How to Be an Effective Leader
Monday, April 24
Evidence on the Association Between Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Childhood Obesity, and the Role of Oral Health Professionals and Insurers in Preventing Childhood Obesity
Health Literacy: Who is at Risk, Innovations, and Hands-On Techniques for Developing and Evaluating Materials
Adding a Dental Benefit in Medicare
Tuesday, April 25
The Known Knowns and Known Unknowns of Treating Caries in the Primary Dentition with Silver Ion Products
Integrating Oral Health into Healthcare Systems
Implementing an Oral Health Program for Older Adults in Your Community: A Seminar Illustrating the Latest Interactive Resources from the Department of Health and Human Services
Oral Presentations #1
Unmet Oral Health Needs of Persons Living With HIV/AIDS in the United States: What We Can Do To Improve Services
Inter-professional Education and Inter-Disciplinary Collaborative Practice
The 3 Crucial Cs of Effective Advocacy for Community Water Fluoridation
Oral Presentations #2
Oral Cancer Health System and Policy Implications: United States 1995-2016
Wednesday, April 26
Charting Our Course: The Role of Dental Public Health in Health Systems Integration
Improving Access for Patients with Developmental Disabilities
Perinatal Oral Health and Title V National Performance Measure 13: a Closer Look at the Rationale, Adoption, and Strategies from both National and State Perspectives
Oral Presentations #4
New Research on Dental Therapists: Health Outcomes in Alaska and Serving the Institutionalized Elderly in Minnesota
Effective Dental Public Health Interventions: The Case for Community Water Fluoridation and School Sealant Programs
"The End of Big": Adapting Health Communications to a Rapidly Changing, Decentralized Online Environment
Moving the Dial on School-Based Sealant Programs: New Findings on Barriers to Operations and Sustainability and a Blueprint for Improvement
Demonstrating a Return on Investment in Funding an Adult Medicaid and Medicare Dental Benefit: A New Perspective
The Emergency Department is No Place for Dental Care

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